Practice Areas

Rehabilitation & Bankruptcy


Corporate rehabilitation and bankruptcy cases require expertise in business, financial structure and accounting, as well as legal knowledge. In addition, unlike typical lawsuits, it is necessary to master the related procedures and practices because there are independent and unique procedures dedicated to rehabilitation procedures and the practices of the Bankruptcy & Rehabilitation Court.

At SIWOO LAWOFFICE, lawyers who have abundant financial knowledge as well as experience in rehabilitation procedures provide legal services for corporate rehabilitation throughout the entire process, from the application for initiation to the termination of rehabilitation procedures.

SIWOO LAWOFFICE provides the following legal advice services related to corporate rehabilitation and bankruptcy cases:

  • Application for disposition of preservation, order for preservation management, order for suspension and order for comprehensive prohibition
  • Legal advice on the preparation of rehabilitation procedures
  • Drafting an application for initiation 
  • Submitting a list of receivables 
  • Submitting a letter of acknowledgement or denial
  • Establishing a plan for rehabilitation
  • Performing a trial to determine receivables investigation
  • Performing a claim for avoidance
  • Application for bankruptcy procedures
  • General legal advice on bankruptcy procedures
  • Declaration of debts provable in bankruptcy
  • Performing a trial for determining receivables, such as trail for receivables investigation

Cases & Works

  • Providing legal advice to a Korean insurance company on issues related to the Corporate Restructuring Promotion Act regarding Jinse Shipbuilding
  • Procedures related to creditor's declaration of receivables and the creditor's meeting in connection with the National Professors' Credit Association's bankruptcy filing, and providing related legal advice
  • Providing legal advice about the joint management on Orient Shipyard under the Corporate Restructuring Promotion Act and the rehabilitation under the Integrated Bankruptcy Act